How many of you can't give up going out with a nice bag and how many of you over time have had to give up buying that bag seen in the window of that luxury store.

Pronto Gold sells fine bags at competitive prices

Today you have a unique opportunity because Pronto Gold offers you the best second hand luxury.

As there are in our stores magnificent jewelry and second hand watches, today you will find the bags of the big names in fashion that you see in glossy magazines.

They are bags of the most famous brands in the world that over time may have acquired gifts of unrepeatability and uniqueness.

In Pronto Gold you can make your dream come true at an affordable price

Pronto Gold sellsfine bags in excellent condition at absolutely competitive prices, are bags that other ladies like you have decided not to use anymore but are still as new and that here at Pronto Gold are bought and resold at attractive prices.

If you have fine bags that you no longer use, come to Pronto Gold, they are money cash. Selling them will allow you to buy the new model that makes you dream so much.

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